Luxury Home Builders & House Building Contractors In Cyprus

Many people dream of living in a new build house on the island, and there are many home construction companies in Cyprus that offer the service. PLACELIFT is a distinguished luxury home builder based in Nicosiathat provides a complete custom house-building service that turns dreams into reality. We are a custom-centric luxury construction company that swears by the alliance of all participating trades honoring the process and having reciprocal respect during new home construction in Cyprus.

Thinking About Building A Custom Home in Cyprus? PLACELIFT’s New Build Construction Experts Can Make Your Dream A Reality!

If you’re journeying down the path of building a custom home in Cyprus, you want to do so assured that your new luxury construction will be everything you’ve dreamed of and that your house-building contractor will deliver on your design dreams. PLACELIFT has been a custom home designer in Cyprus for many years and has completed some breathtaking home construction projects in many parts of the island, and our custom builders know what it takes to build a home you’ll love.

Our Team Of Custom Home Designers And Luxury Home Builders Can Help You Plan Out Your Dream Home!

Many people dream about new home construction in Cyprus, but only some take it past the dream stage and begin building a custom home. It will likely be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for those that do, and it needs to get done right. To ensure you get the dream home you deserve, PLACELIFT has a custom home designer in Cyprus with whom you can collaborate to design a luxury construction that fits you, your lifestyle, and your budget down to the ground. As a luxury home builder, we are only 100% satisfied with a new build house when the client is.

From Tiny Home Builds To Luxury Construction Projects, Our Cypus House Building Contractors Have The Experience, Knowledge, and Knowhow

Just because a house is described as luxurious doesn’t mean it has to be vast in its footprint, and it’s incredible how you can get an incredibly luxurious feel from a tiny house. Builders at PLACELIFT have worked on multiple custom homes of varying degreesof size for clients that have had different requirements. As a leading custom Cyprus house construction company, our task is to design and build a home that services your lifestyle and desires within your specified budget and to the highest industry standards of luxury construction usingour team of new home builders, who have the expertise, industry know-how, and knowledge to turn architect plans into a luxury new build house.

A Cyprus House Building Company That Completes Projects On Time And On Budget

As one of the islands leading house construction companies, we see many clients that have a clear vision of what they want to achieve from us as a house building company. Beyond theinitial project design phase and ensuring that their idea can become a reality, there are two significant concerns among new house builders in Cyprus: schedule and budget. PLACELIFT has been one of the leading home builders in Cyprus for many years, and we have a proven track record of being sensitive to the cost to build a house and bring our projects in on budget and on time.

A Leading Cyprus Residential Construction Company Backed Up By A Large Network Of Local Suppliers

As one of Nicosia’s most experienced and long-standing house construction companies, we have built an extensive network of suppliers and local builders. It takes a considerable amount of project management and coordination to build a home on schedule and budget. A luxury home build cost in Cyprus can quickly spiral out of control due to delayed on-site materials or a new build construction schedule falling behind. But you can rely on our Cyprus house construction company to keep your project on schedule and the construction site fully operational thanks to our network of suppliers.

Our Custom Home Builders Can Work Anywhere in Cyprus Including Nicosia, Larnaca, Ayia Napa, Protaras, and Limassol.

If you’ve been searching for a residential construction company with vast experience in the luxury custom homes market, then PLACELIFT is the house-building contractor you’ve been looking for, whether you plan to build an enormous deluxe pool villa or a cozy but luxurious tiny home. Builders from our house building company operate island-wide from Ayia Napa, Limassol, and Nicosia. We will travel anywhere in Cyprus to build a home you can be proud of.

Request A New Home Build Construction Quote From Our Custom Home Builders Today!

So much goes intoa new build construction, from design, groundwork, first and second fixes, external works, decoration, and landscaping. You can start the process today by requesting a quote from us here at PLACELIFT, one of the most prominent home construction companies in Cyprus. As experienced new home builders, wewill assist you in creating a dream island home that includes all the personal touches you’ve ever dreamt of, and that dream can start today!

Luxury House Construction Company Cyprus FAQs

As custom home builders based in Nicosia but covering the entire island with our service, we have been involved in many projects requiring us to build a home. We’ve been the house building contractor fora spectacular modern new build house in Lymbia and new home builders for a magnificent luxury construction in Latsia, Nicosia. You can check out a few of our previous custom homes on the projects page on this website.

There are multiple house building companies in Cyprus, but PLACELIFT has built a solid and deserved reputation as one of the leading home builders in Cyprus for several reasons. One thing that we never do is promise something that we cant deliver. We never want our clients to feel uneasy or lack confidence in our ability regarding any new build construction. Luxury home build cost in Cyprus is something we take extremely seriously, and we endeavor to complete every home construction on time and within budget. Our custom builders are all craftsmen and take great pride in their area of expertise, and that shows in the finished product when the keys are handed to their dream new home construction in Cyprus.

The cost to build a house in Cyprus will depend on factors such as fit & finish. You can build custom homes to your exact specification, so you could, theoretically, spend a limitless amount designing and creating a luxury home. A good ballpark figure to go by would be about €1200 per square meter. If you know the home specification you intend to have built by a residential construction company or local builders, contact the PLACELIFT team, and we’d gladly provide a quote for your dream build.

When searching for a Cyprus house construction company, you might browse the internet for home builders near me or my area. As a dominant Cyprus house construction company, we operate island-wide and will gladly travel anywhere to build custom homes.

Full renovation refurbishment enquiries-only.

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